Used to strengthen body and mind, Cordyceps is one of the superstars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With our first product, we have pioneered new ways to make the scientifically-proven health benefits of this traditional health supplement affordable for all.

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A History of Healing

For hundreds of years, the indigenous peoples of Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal have witnessed the curative power of Cordyceps first-hand. The earliest known documentation on the health benefits of the fungi is by a 13th century physician.

Now Grown in both the lab and the wild, Cordyceps is one of the prized gems of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the wild, it grows on certain species of caterpillar and is in such limited supply that the Chinese sometimes refer to it as “soft gold”.

Research & Development

Cordycepin, an adenosine derivative from Cordyceps, is the fungus’ principal bioactive ingredient and the primary source of its many health benefits.

After more than three years’ R&D, we have achieved some of the highest concentrations of cordycepin commercially available today with our highest-grade product certified at 12,000ppm.

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Cordyceps Benefits

blood sugar level graphicRegulates blood sugar levels

sexual function graphicEnhances sexual function

hearth health graphicSupports heart health

kindney health graphicSupports kidney health

microscope graphicMay help fight cancer cells

athletic performance graphicImproves athletic performance

icon immune systemBoosts immune system

cholesterol graphicBalances cholesterol

anti aging graphicAnti-aging

fatigue graphicCombats fatigue

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Our Approach

Taking a research-based approach to traditional medicines, we focus on the entire individual. We believe that lifestyle choices and health-enhancing supplements can play a critical role in preventive care.

Who We Are

HWC supply high quality health and wellness products that are created through pioneering advances in biotechnology. We work with innovators to make health improvement products affordable and widely available.