For hundreds of years, the indigenous peoples of Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal have witnessed the curative power of Cordyceps first-hand. The earliest known documentation on the health benefits of the fungi is by a 13th century physician.

Now grown in both the lab and the wild, Cordyceps is one of the prized gems of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the wild, it grows on certain species of caterpillar and is in such limited supply that the Chinese sometimes refer to it as “soft gold”.

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Cordyceps’ health benefits are directly linked to the levels of cordycepin that it contains. HWC Cordyceps militaris is grown in a controlled environment, where our scientists have achieved consistently high quality specimens though natural selection, testing, cloning and solid-state fermentation in a 100% vegetarian substrate.

Until very recently, the primary source of Cordyceps’ health benefits, cordycepin, only occurred in nature, and its scarcity made it very expensive. However, we have been able to dependably produce cordycepin in a laboratory setting with quantifiable levels.

After more than three years of research, we have achieved some of the highest concentrations of cordycepin commercially available today, with our highest grade product certified at 12,000 ppm. Our scientists continue to experiment to achieve even higher levels.

Not only have we been able to achieve these extraordinarily high cordycepin levels, but we are able to do so in a standardized manner, with each batch. For the first time, it is possible to purchase the highest quality Cordyceps with high availability.


Having identified the optimal specimens containing bioactive compounds, a rigorous scientific analysis was carried out at the molecular level through rDNA ITS.

The results indicated that they were all true Cordyceps militaris which were 100% identical to C. militaris CM-L.H and CMB as in NCBI data base as shown in Fig 1. All 4 TOL C. militaris strains were designated as C. militaris TOLA00, TOLA01, TOLK and TOLHB.