Thai Orchids Lab Co. Ltd.

With more than three decades’ experience operating a plant tissue culture laboratory, Thai Orchids Lab (TOL) is a pioneering biotechnology firm.

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In 2014, Founder and CEO, Dr. Paiboolya Gavinlertvatana, Ph.D in Horticulture from the University of Minnesota, became interested in leveraging his extensive knowledge in the field of tissue culture to create a Cordyceps militaris powder high in concentration of active ingredients, and focusing on cordycepin.

Collaborating with Dr. Kamlai Laohaphatanalert, Ph.D in Biotechnology from Kasetsart University in Thailand, he began a research project that to create a product with the highest concentrations of cordycepin ever seen. Their three-year journey took them through a rigorous scientific process, from selecting the best specimen for tissue culture, to achieving a well-developed cultivation protocol.

Using modern analytical measurements and the highest quality control standards, TOL has been able to create and consistently produce a superior grade of C. militaris. The results speak for themselves as Dr. Paiboolya and Dr. Kamlai have achieved consistent levels of cordycepin 15 times higher than those found in the wild. Each 500kg batch is tested for cordycepin levels by an independent third-party using high-performance liquid chromatography.