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Consistency of active Ingredient

High quality specimen

Independent, third-party COA

Batch traceability with DNA fingerprint

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Cordyceps Premium

4,000 ppm.
Cordycepin concentration

Suitable for top-shelf applications, such as the manufacture of high-quality health supplements.

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Cordyceps Supreme

8,000 ppm.
Cordycepin concentration

Goes far beyond almost any other product on the market, opening a spectrum of new possibilities and applications.

At this high concentration level, it becomes possible to deliver the same level of effectiveness in a much smaller package, leaving room to creatively formulate unique products by, for example, adding additional complementary health supplements such as colagen or omega-3.

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Cordyceps Ultimate

12,000 ppm.
Cordycepin concentration

This is currently the highest quality product that we offer. At this pioneering concentration, the sky is the limit.

Among a myriad of potential uses, it becomes feasible for extraction and use by the pharmaceutical industry and viable to be added to transparent beverages and other innovative presentations while maintaining high concentration levels.


For every 500kg batch of Cordyceps powder produced, we provide a cordycepin content certificate of analysis by a reputable independent third party laboratory for the principal bioactive ingredient – cordycepin – as well as heavy metal and microbiological testing certificates.


Every HWC Cordyceps product carries the HWC Quality Seal to assure our customers that it is consistently and unquestionably of the highest quality. The Seal also adds a tangible value that can be harnessed by manufacturers when creating their own marketing strategies.


By using DNA sequencing tests, coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography, HWC performs random tests on the products manufactured with its Cordyceps products so that consumers know they are receiving the full health benefits delivered by the stated dosage of its active ingredient, cordycepin.


HWC Cordyceps militaris is packaged in 1kg, 3kg and 5kg laminated aluminium foil bags. Larger shipments can be packaged in food grade drums.

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